Your partner for the realization of scientific and cultural meetings

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The company CONFORG s.r.o. has large experiences with the organizations of international and local conferences, symposia, workshops, company presentations and similar events.

Since its founding in 1996 the company CONFORG s.r.o. has successfully organized more than 100 events focused on the scientific and social fields mainly of international character.

The company CONFORG s.r.o. offers high quality and professional services covering a complete preparation of the above mentioned meetings – ensuring lecture halls, registration of the participants and their accommodation, air tickets reservations etc.  Naturally, the highly professional organization contains communication with participants, distributions of announcements and newsletters, printing of proceedings and conference materials, leaflets, logistics, arrangement of the social programs (e.g. concerts, trips, theatre performances, banquets) etc.

CONFORG s.r.o. is always prepared to fulfill special and non-standard requests and wishes of its clients.

Except the above mentioned activities CONFORG s.r.o. works over a long period also in the cultural sphere, ensures high quality production work and a successful realization of every unique project.

CONFORG s.r.o. would like to offer its professional services and rich experiences. Commit the preparation and organization of your conference, symposia, congress, workshop or production work to our care. You will not be disappointed.

Anna Kotěšovcová
Managing Director, Conforg, s.r.o.